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It was 11 at night and I decided to sleep

Thoughts started coming which I wasn’t able to sweep

Laid on my bed and closed my eyes

In my heart I was hiding some lies

Took my blanket and put it on my face

My heartbeat started running on a high pace

I understood that I can sleep no more

From my window I saw the dark shimmery gown that the night wore

Jumped from my bed and to the window I went

Gazed at the night sky as fast as I can

That night sky was made of Stardust

All my emotions I felt would burst

That nocturnal sky just looked so cool

For the stars it was a dark pool

Zephyr ran all aross the vast land

Spreading peace and harmony with its magic wand

My eyelids were in constant struggle with my conscience

And soon I realized that all around was complete silence

The world seemed so still and calm

I wish all the stardust I could hold in my palm

The magnanimous night sky held moon and many stars

Seeing it I realized why the world is busy in fights and wars!

That night sky was made of Stardust All my emotions I felt would burst

It was a heart-throbbing and jaw dropping sight

The dark alluring night sky was my only delight

Even around Moon’s bright light stars twinkled and did their duty

This is what we call nature’s beauty

Each one here wants a materialistic life

Why don’t in realities do we wanna dive

Each one of us is a star made of Stardust

On ourselves we must have some trust

We all are struggling to take breath out here

We have to go on by forgetting all our despair

That night sky was made of Stardust

All my emotions I thought would burst

The serenity of dark bright sky made it all clear

Don’t just get stuck to something which you find dear

Shining brilliantly after death,isn’t that we all desire?

Then why should we just do daily mundane tasks and get tired

Etheral universe simmered me down

I was left ecstatic completely without frown

We are made of Stardust and would return to it

Lets make ourself better bit by bit

From nape to heel I discovered myself

To finish my personal problems I want nobody’s help

That silent night sustained me by lifting me up and transforming me

Sometimes sitting alone and ruminating is the ultimate key

That night sky was made of Stardust

And finally all my emotions got lost in its dust.

Mallika Gupta


You are not what you look like

You are not what you show others

You are not what others hear about you

You are not what the world says about you

You are not the colour of your skin

You are not the anger you show on others

You are not the clothes you wear

You are not the one who is extra sentimental

You are not the silence you maintain

You are not the roughness that you show

You are not what your age says

You are not the type of place you live in

You are the books you read

You are the sweetness in your smile

You are the juvenescence in your voice

You are the shine of your eyes

You are the warmth in your presence

You are an enticing soul

You are a free bird in the sky

You are someones’ first and last thought

You are someone whom others wish to talk to

You are the one whose actions others notice

You are the one whom others imitate

You are the one whom everyone wants to hear

You are someones’ imagination and desire

You are someone with whom a person wants to spend life with

You are someone whom others leave physically but not mentally

You are the songs you hear and sing

You are the photos in your album and wall

You are the fragrance in the room

You are someones’ first serious love

You are the things you believe

You are the memories you cherish

You are an open book with no secrets hidden

You are a mystery for those who don’t understand you

You are the one made up of and for your dreams

You are the pious character that you have built once and still have

You are the most unique and beautiful creature

You just have to look once what wrong you have done

You have to remember the ones who cared for you but you left them behind

You have to notice friends you choose

You just have to remember your powers

You have to understand that you are the future of your dreams

And you just have to be you.

When I go to sleep…

When I go to bed and lie down to sleep,

I find my thoughts running wild and my reverie going deep

I lose my peace and my anger overcomes,

I retrospect what right and wrong have I done

People, stories and visions,

They are there in millions

My brain and heart now start to debate,

Leaving me there all awake

A slideshow of memories has now started

I understand that my present and past stand parted

So many wishes are left unfulfilled

My castle has fallen that in air I had build

All alone I reveal my fears

On my cheeks, run down tears

Not all things go as per plan

And to myself I have to train

Success and failure are part of Life-Game

Its not a matter of shame or fame

And slowly the curtain of darkness lifts

A new day has come with lot of gifts!!

A new day has come with a better shift!!

What is wrong in India??

India is a well diversified country. We want all things to be perfect but we don’t wanna take steps to do so. What good or bad points we have is all because of our own actions. We are too much dependent on government for everything that happens in our country and this is the Biggest Wrong thing about India.

Let me put some points to show this.

#1 Indians are shy…we consider any talks about sex as a Taboo. But still we are 125 crore (approx.) !!

#2 In India, pizza boy reaches faster than ambulance, police and fire brigade.

#3 Worst movies here earn the most!

#4 Here soap operas can go on for 3-4 years or even more with tons of melodrama and politics inserted in it , running on their silly, meaningless and senseless stories and still people stick to their idiot box to see the useless stuff and providing them with good TRPs.

#5 Here people might not have a house to live and other basic amenities but they would have every other thing to show off and boast like a costly smart phone, car, fashionable dresses — everything on loan ,paying the EMI…

#6 We are good at Faking Patriotism.We would shout on roads, take Candle March,make posters with quotes on patriotism, get crazy when some cricket match takes place but we would set our government transports on fire, write on our national heritage,never stand up to sing our national anthem!!

#7 We say girls are incarnation of Goddess-ultimate source of power and wisdom, call girls as devis, call them our sisters, mothers and daughters and then rape, do dosmestic violence , female infanticide.

#8 A porn star is accepted in our society as a celebrity but for a rape victim it is even difficult to even take a breath in the atmosphere of our country covered in the fog of social stigma.

#9 They say Finish Caste System but each and every exam first asks you your caste.Reservation system has devastated Indian education system badly.

#10 Education system has lost its glory… Quota system has taken it all. I am giving you real facts related to jee cut off.

Did u just see the difference?? Is it the mistake of the child if he is born in a family of General caste??Obviously NO. Then why this cheating and inequality?? I think in today’s scenario brain and talent has nothing to do with our education!!

#11 We don’t deserve special facilities and developments. Recently Modi Govt. inaugurated the Eastern Peripheral Expressway. Soon after few days it was reported that solar panels installed, lights were stolen!!


Such scenes are very common here.

#13 Shoes that we wear are sold in AC rooms but vegetables that we eat are sold on footpaths and drains!!

#14 Presence of policemen makes us nervous and tensed instead of feeling us safe.

#15 We don’t do good things, won’t pray, won’t help and so on but we would find it better to go to some so called “Babas” or “Godmen” who are hypocrites and liars and cajole and take benefits of innocent and ignorant people. But even on knowing the reality we listen their speeches,follow them and go to them. They are enjoying their life and making a fool of us!

Think!! Think!! and Think !!

We are tomorrow’s future and our nation’s pillars. We have to change ourselves and make our a better place to live in. Lets unite and remove these these problems and make India a Global Power!!


Mallika Gupta

True love

True love is something that only real lovers can see

It brings warmth in the relations once icy

True lovers in this dark world burn a sacred flame

And each other they will never ever blame

True love is a fire that shines intensely

And makes the lovers connect eternally

True love hears with a gentle ear

And conquers each and every fear

True love speaks in gentle tones

Lovers often laugh and moan

True love lives deep in the heart

And lovers can’t just go apart

True love is the most precious treasure

Which no measuring instrument can ever measure

True love lies underneath the skin

Where nature of lovers gets akin

True love finishes your longing and pain

Everything else just seems to be vain

True love just touches your soul

And people in its way just seem to be foul

True love is above all the things

Oh! so much happiness in life it brings

True love is a game that seems very hard

Because its not a game for cunnings and canards

True love is a feeling ineffable

Everything between true lovers is acceptable

True love has a very special glow

Even if the true lovers die their love never outflows!!


Mallika Gupta

Hell !!

“Who the hell are you? “What the hell did you say?” “U look as hot as hell!”

Almost everyone of us has heard these sentences and we use them everyday. Those using these sentences on daily basis have become so much used to these sentences that they don’t even realize what actually hell is. Nowadays Hell is taken as something classic, stylish, attractive.People swank and flash their modern lifestyle and try to look ‘cool’ and smart by using the word Hell.

“Black as Devil, Hot as Hell” ,”Keep calm and go to Hell” , “I rule in Hell” People are often seen putting above sentences in their social media accounts. But do we even know what Hell is. It is far from our imagination.

Hell is not virtual but real

Hell is not beautiful but ugly

Hell is not fantasy but truth

Hell is not sweet but bitter

Hell is not smooth but rough

Hell is not easy but tough

Hell is not sympathy but hurt

Hell is not death but life

Hell is not freedom but detention

Hell is not kingdom but slavery

Hell is not creation but destruction

Hell is not happiness but turmoil

Hell is not blessings but curse

According to religious folks and traditions is a place of pain and torment after life.They say that it is a place of suffering where condemn people are thrown and given harsh punishment. Some fanatic, wicked and narrow minded people start connecting hell straight away with the religion and start brain washing the brains on innocent and ignorant people by asking them to kill and get killed in the name of religion. They just want to fulfill their purpose and do anti-social and anti-national activities. Hell is not on some special place but here on earth only. Their is no human soul suffering place and hell fire. It is our actions which would take us to hell or heaven. Meaning to say that the pain and suffering in our life is hell. We are the creators of this hell. We all have certain inner characteristics which make us a human like anger,lust,love,jealousy,hatred etc. We can not take these of our soul but we can control over them atleast. One who can control over these become the real hero and ultimately spends his whole life with peace and happiness and ultimately dies with his soul resting in solace. One who can’t control his emotions and sentiments starts doing sins and becomes an evil person.He soon loses the love, rest and peace of his life.He says lies, murders his dear ones becoming victim of lust, hates and gets jealous of his own friends and relatives,becomes greedy, crosses all limits of mankind and so much more. He hurts others and its result is people go away from him and he is left alone all in depression and agony.He gets trapped in self-loathing and breaks down. He weeps and weeps but no one to help him.

Hell is when you lose your loved ones. You are suspended in bitter oblivion with nowhere to go and ask for protection.You become mad, your srong brain suddenly becomes frail. Happiness and power you got by hurting others fades away. There is pain in your chest.You sob,unable to speak and insanity starts to peak. Now you stop, unable to move. You bend down on your knees asking for pardon but now your problems and restlessness is not gonna cease because you have brought yourself to Hell where God and the world stops to please….